Sentiers Grotte des fées


The “Sentiers La Grotte des fées’’ project* is an initiative from Corporation de développement local de Saint-Léandre.


This project was possible thanks to the sustained involvement of the members of its board of directors. Here is the list of those who compose it by:

2017 - 2019

Gérald Tremblay, President

Martin Verret, Vice-President

Sandra D'Août, Secretary 

Frédéric Saucier, Administrator 

Doris Saucier, Administrator

Rose Lagacé, Representative of the Municipality of Saint-Léandre


Financial partners


Matane Regional County Municipality (MRC de Matane) 


Visibility program of Northland Power


Municipality of Saint-Léandre


Member of Rando Québec 


Association Aventure Écotourisme Québec


2008 - 2011 

Richard d'Auteuil, President

Louiselle Ouellet, Vice-President

Réjeanne Marquis, Secretary

Yvon Barrette, Director

Gilles Murray, Director

Frédéric Saucier, Director

Guy Larouche, Director

Denis Bélanger, Director


Moreover, a special mention should be given the dedicated work of Mrs Marie-Chantale Therrien, former secretary, and Renée Durette, former treasurer. The unfailing support of Mrs Anny Jalbert, rural development agent, should also be noted.


Old Financial partners


This rural development was made possible by financial assistance from the following partners:


Centre local de développement de Matane (CLD)

Société d'aide au développement des collectivités (SADC)

Conseil régional des élus de Matane (CRÉ)

Matane Regional County Municipality (MRC de Matane)

Mr Pascal Bérubé, MP

Emploi Québec

Canada Summer Jobs

Caisse populaire de Matane

Shell Canada


Let’s not forget the generous local involvement: the donations and voluntary work largely contributed to the success of this wonderful achievement. Ginette Couture, Gérald Tremblay and Blair Côté initiated the project as contact persons.


Welcome everyone!


* Les Sentiers La Grotte des fées is a member of "Rando Québec".